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Hayfield is proud to highlight these beautiful daylilies, which have been hybridized and grown right here at We're In The Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens. 

Hayfield Heaven

33" tall. Wow! Talk about an eye catching colour! The form is wonderful and it looks so lush and substantial, like a wax carving. This 5.75", deep rose bloom has wonderful ruffles trimmed with a fine gold edge and sports a lovely chartreuse and green throat. 20 buds on 4 way branching. Very fragrant and very recurrent.


Regular Price = $40.00

      Sale Price = $20.00! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

She's A Beaut Clarke (Township)

Subtle heritage spice coloured petals that intensify to a bright edge. 34 inch scapes, 3 branches and 16 buds per scape; 5 inch blooms; not fragrant.


Regular Price = $30.00

      Sale Price = $15.00! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

Velvet Gaze

This cream flower features a violet purple eye surrounding a chartreuse centre. diamond dusting, fragrance and a fine gold edge add to this 5" flower. This vigorous plant has 13 buds on 3 way branching. Midseason. Dormant. Fragrant. Fertile!


Regular Price = $30.00

      Sale Price = $15.00! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

Timeless Passion

Large and ruffled, this very pale, yellow, 6" flower has a big presence in our garden. Strong midribs and a radiant chartreuse throat increase the elegance of this bloom. Very recurrent with 10 buds on 2 way branching. Vigorous plant with a height of 24". Fragrant.


Regular Price = $20.00

      Sale Price = $10.00! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

Hayfield Charms

Gold ‘shark’s teeth’ trim the strong ruffles on this dramatic, deep lavender-purple, 5 1⁄2" bloom. Diamond dusting, a chartreuse throat and a watermark add to the presence of this triangular flower. There are 28 blooms on 4 way branching. A late season bloomer, this plant stands 32" tall.


Regular Price = $45.00

      Sale Price = $22.50! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

Buttercup Hollow

Very large, very tall blooms of buttery-warm yellow, highlighted with a subtle eye of rusty-tan. 34 inch scapes, 2 branches and 10 buds per scape; 6 inch blooms; fragrant.


Regular Price = $45.00

      Sale Price = $22.50! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

Barbe a Papa

Delightful light bubblegum coloured flower with a light pink mid-rib and dark pink ruffles, that are lightly dusted with gold. 30 inch scape height, 2 branches and 5 buds per scape; bloom diameter of 5 inches; light fragrance.


Regular Price = $10.00

      Sale Price = $5.00! (Use promo code "Hayfield2019")

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