New Introductions

Hayfield is proud to bring you three beautiful, drought-resistent, and hearty New Introductions this year, which have been hybridized and grown right here at We're In The Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens.

Beth Meszaros

I am so proud to introduce this lovely rose coloured flower, named for a dear friend, Beth Meszaros.  This bloom easily braved the 2016 drought and produced juicy 5 1/2" flowers on robust 22" stocks.  Two-way branches end in a Y-terminus, giving flowers lots of space to shine.  Diamond dusting, subtle veining and a delicate yellow edge. 15 blooms per branch during the worst of conditions. Dormand, and Recurrent.

(ARC RRR RBR seed 1-01 x Taos)

Hayfield Tall Dark & Handsome

As the name implies, this stunner soars above most other plants in the garden. Plan to make a statement with 6", velvety-dark blooms on almost 4 foot stalks, which stand on guard no matter the weather.  This mid- to late-bloomer has 3-way branching, 10 buds per plant, and will go dormant over the winter. Semi-recurrent.

(unknown x Joe Springer)

Whoopsie Daylily

Everyone who pre-ordered Murray's Helping Hand last year knows that we made a rookie mistake, and shipped this gorgeous plant instead. Whoopsie Daylily!  But seriously, we hope you enjoy this relaxed, understated yet elegant bloom.  She's nearly 7" wide, and highly recurrent, meaning you get flowers galore.  25" tall, 15 blooms per branch, 4-way branching. Dormant.

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